Travel Awareness

Stay Safe, Secure and in Control

We have developed a short 60-minute travel awareness course which includes all the necessary information from before you pack your luggage through to your safe return home.

The course is broken down into 6 Modules and, unlike other courses, includes a Module on what to do if you’re faced with an Active Shooter.

Keep yourself, your team, and your business safe on your next trip.

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What's included?

6 Videos
6 Quizzes
Ian Smith
Ian Smith
Former Royal Marine Commando

About the instructor

Ian Smith is a former Royal Marine Commando who participated in many overseas operations in hostile and highly challenging environments.

On leaving the Royal Marine Commandos, Ian joined the private security and risk management sector. He travelled the globe, providing both close personal support as well as consultancy advice, teaching the techniques and best practices that enable business and leisure travel to be conducted more safely in both high and low risk areas.

The experience he has gained, combined with his education to degree level, has been invaluable in supporting both businesses and leisure travellers across the globe. It is from this first-hand experience that the “Travel Awareness Course” has been produced.